Professional Advisors Survey – Safe


    Welcome to your Professional Advisors Survey - Safe

    As an important part of our quality assurance and legal compliance management, we ask you if you would please take the time to complete this survey.

    Your answers should be based entirely on your own observations; we are surveying our service users, their families, their advocates and our staff.

    Please judge our compliance with each statement, using the scale provided. Please answer 'Don’t know' if you do not have a view on the matter.

    There is space at the end of the survey for you to add further comments if you want to explain your score or add any other comments to help us to improve our service.

    In our organisation the CQC Key Question “SAFE” states:

    “By safe we mean that people are protected from abuse and avoidable harm. In adult social care this means that people are supported to make choices and take risks and are protected from physical, psychological, and emotional harm, abuse, discrimination, and neglect.”


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    1.  The human rights of service users are always supported.  [S1]

    2.  The dignity of service users is never compromised. [S1]
    3.  Staff always manage any service user’s challenging behaviour correctly, with regard to the service user’s safety, dignity and human rights. [S1]
    4.  Staff respond appropriately to those service users who are affected by inadequate mental capacity to give consent to care treatment and support. [S1]
    5.  Professional risk assessments and Care Planning is in place where any form of restraint is used for a service user. [S2]
    6.  Appropriate service user risk assessments are in place and consistently planned for reviewed and acted on. [S2]
    7.  Staff communicate personal service user data correctly to support diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.  [S2]
    8.  There are always staff available who have sufficient knowledge and competence to communicate service users’ needs to support effective specialist assessment and treatment plans. [S3]
    9.  Specialist treatment recommendations are carried out and communicated to the appropriate staff members. [S3]
    10.  Staff are receptive to concerns and complaints. [S4]
    11.  Staff are responsive to my input, corrective actions are carried out and feedback is promptly communicated to myself and other relevant stakeholders. [S4]
    12.  Appropriate and correctly managed equipment is available to meet the specialist requirements of the service user. [S5]
    13.  Medication is observed to be correctly administered. [S4]
    14.  The correct resources for the management of Infection Control are provided. [S5]
    15.  Staff are observed to carry out processes to correctly manage Infection Control. [S5]
    16.  Quality improvement actions are shared in feedback regarding concerns expressed [S4]
    If you wish, you do not have to declare your identity on this survey and you may return it anonymously.

    1.  I have been told that I can return this survey anonymously.

    2.  I have been shown how to return this survey anonymously.
    3.  I am satisfied that I am able to return this survey anonymously if I want to.