Professional Advisors Survey – Effective


    Welcome to your Professional Advisors Survey - Effective

    As an important part of our quality assurance and legal compliance management, we ask you if you would please take the time to complete this survey.

    Your answers should be based entirely on your own observations; we are also surveying our service users, their families, their advocates and our staff.

    Please judge our compliance with each statement, using the scale provided. Please answer 'Don’t know' if you do not have a view on the matter.

    There is space at the end of the survey for you to add further comments if you want to explain your score or add any other comments to help us to improve our service.

    In our organisation the CQC Key Question “CARING” states:

    "By Caring we mean that staff involve and treat people with compassion, kindness, dignity, and respect. In adult social care, this means that people, their families and carers experience care that is empowering and provided by staff who involve them and treat people with dignity, respect and compassion."

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    1. Service users are encouraged to be involved in all stages of their care treatment and support plans. [E1]

    2.  The service asks me to provide the service user with options for their care treatment and support. [E1]
    3.  Service users and their personal advocates are given time to consider their decisions about care treatment and support. [E1]
    4.  Appropriate professional services are accessed by the service to benefit service users' health outcomes. [E3]
    5.  Changes in service user well-being are promptly assessed and managed correctly. [E3]
    6.  Documented valid service user consent is obtained where possible prior to care and treatment and staff ensure that Best Interests agreements are obtained for those unable to give valid consent. [E]
    7.  Service users are supported by the service to access all routine health assessments and services they are entitled to. [E3]
    If you wish, you do not have to declare your identity on this survey and you may return it anonymously.

    1.  I have been told that I can return this survey anonymously.

    2.  I have been shown how to return this survey anonymously.
    3.  I am satisfied that I am able to return this survey anonymously if I want to.