Get paid correctly and on time… complete your Timesheet!

If you are already working with Loyal Companion Care on a contract or part time basis, please loyal download imagecomplete your timesheet correctly and before the due deadline to ensure swift payment.

Please note that our timesheet week now runs from Monday to Sunday.

Timesheet FAQs

1) Where do I get the timesheet from?

  • On-line – download your timesheet now – follow the link on the right
  • We can send you some – please contact us
  • Come into the office

2) When do I send the timesheet back?

  • As soon as you finish the last booking in each unit
  • At the latest: by the Monday following the week worked

3) Who do I send it to?

  • All return details are on top right hand corner of the timesheet
  • Always keep a copy for your records

4) Why do I need to send a timesheet back?

  • So we can make sure you are paid correctly
  • So we can make sure you are paid promptly
  • We are not mind readers!

If you have any issues or concerns about your timesheet completion, please contact your recruitment consultant.
Remember – we are here to help.